Beef Feeds

      FVC carries a complete line of feed, protein supplements, medicated supplements and minerals for your cattle.  We also proudly offer our Valley Pride line of feed in addition to Rangeland Tubs and Cubes. Having our own line of feed allows us to have greater control over ingredient quality and formulation. We are also able to expand our custom formulation, which allows us to better meet our customer's needs.

Pet Food

       FVC carries and recommends the Diamond and Country Vet lines of pet food. 

Swine Feeds

       FVC offers a custom mix program individually tailored for your swine herd in addition to our line of bagged feed. We stock our Valley Pride Swine Mineral and Swine Supplement for those producers who wish to mix on-farm. Our Show Pig feed has resulted in several County and Nebraska State Fair Champions. 

Specialty Feeds

       FVC also carries many specialty feeds including:

             ♦  Creep Feed  ♦  Show Feed  ♦  Protein Supplements  ♦  Minerals  ♦  Salt  ♦  Medication  ♦  Cubes  ♦  Tubs   ♦  Poultry Feed  ♦  Rabbit Feed  ♦  Wild Bird Seed  ♦  Sunflower Seed  ♦  Milk Replacer  ♦  Horse Feed 

Livestock Equipment

           ♦  Cattle Prods  ♦  Livestock Tanks  ♦  King Ropes  ♦  Fence Panels  ♦  Tank Heaters  ♦  Leather Gloves  ♦  Whips  ♦  Ear Tags  ♦  Heat Lamps

Fencing Supplies

           ♦  Staples  ♦  Creosote & T Posts  ♦  Barbed Wire ♦  Wire Stretchers  ♦  Electric Fence Wire


  All of the above Complete Feeds and Protein Supplements can be custom manufactured with Rumensin, Bovatec, GainPro or other approved medications to fit your individual needs.  If there is a specific item you want, let us know, and we will do our best to get it for you!