1. Do I need to be a member of FVC to buy products/services from the coop?

No, you do not need to be a member to make purchases from the coop. We sell products/services to both members and nonmembers. While most ag producers are members of the coop, many other people who regularly buy feed, gas or lawn and garden products or have their vehicle serviced are not members.

2. How do I become a member of FVC?

First, you should contact our Human Resources/Member Services department. They will give you a simple form to complete and return.

Two types of membership are available: 1) voting and 2) participating. To become a voting member, you must be an agricultural producer and pay $100 for your Capital Stock. Voting members can vote on issues that require a vote. Patronage is paid to voting members on purchases they make at the coop, and equity ownership in the coop is earned through purchases made. A participating member does not have the privilege of voting. However, participating members are eligible to earn equity and cash patronage based on business transacted with FVC.

3. When can I expect to get my equity investment redeemed from FVC?

The board of directors must authorize the time and method of any redemption of member's equity according to the by-laws of the cooperative. They annually review the balance of equity by age group determined by birth date of the stockholder as well as the year the equity was earned.

4. When will FVC redeem the member's equity held by a deceased person?

A representative of the estate must make a written request to the board of directors for the redemption of the equity. The board reviews these requests annually to determine the time and method of any redemption of the member's equity according to the by-laws. The redemption of equities held by the deceased persons are given priority for the settlement of their estates. FVC is currently up to date in redeeming all requested deceased member estate equities.

For questions regarding a deceased member's equity, please call 308-882-3200.

5. How do I open an account with FVC?

First, you will need to pick up a credit application which can be downloaded and completed. You may also call to request an application be mailed to you by contacting our Credit Manager, Krista McClain at 308-882-3212 or kmcclain@fvcoop.net.

Once the application is competed, return it to one of our offices (preferable Imperial at the address listed above). FVC will then complete a credit check for you once the application is received. An account will then be opened assuming a positive result.

For those of you interested in obtaining one of our FVC gas cards to save $.03 per gallon at any of our fueling locations, please contact our Credit Manager, Krista McClain at 308-882-3212 or kmcclain@fvcoop.net.