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Energy Division...We provide a wide range of products and services at our modern service centers in Benkelman, and tires at our Imperial and Grant Stations. We have gas pumps in Benkelman, Chappell, Dalton, Grant, Imperial, Kimball, Lodgepole, Potter, Sidney and Pine Bluffs, and Wheatland, WY.  Fuel is offered through cardtrol and credit card style pumps at all locations and the Imperial and McCook locations have an unmanned 24-hour diesel fueling stations with high speed pumps. Or, we can deliver fuel to you with our tank wagon and fuel transportation services. We also offer drinks and snacks at the Benkelman,  Imperial - T-Junction and McCook locations.

Vice President of Energy:  Brent Sinsel  Energy / Propane Sales:  Cell Number
   (308) 414-1866  Kent Davis -- McCook  (308) 340-5710
Operations Manager East:  Anna Marquez  Jeff Preston -- Benkelman  (308) 414-1672
   (308) 882-3270  Tim Long -- Imperial and Southwest Nebraska  (308) 414-2042
Operations Manager West:   Melvin Paulsen  Jeff Ortgies -- Chappell and Sidney Area  (308) 566-0031
  (308) 414-1043   Wyoming   (307) 331-4614
 Propane After Hours or Emergencies 866-866-2218 or 308-235-4656


Products Services
  • Gasoline
  • Diesel and Soy Bio-Diesel
  • Tires
  • Batteries
  • Propane
  • Bulk and Packaged Oil  
  • Bulk Anti Freeze
  • Ethanol Products
  • Vehicle Accessories
  • Total Protection Plan Warranty -- Information Coming Soon
  • Fuel Contracting
  • Diesel Tank Cleaning
  • Bulk Fuel Delivery
  • Propane Delivery
  • Fuel Transport
  • Tank Monitoring
  • Tire Service - Benkelman, Grant, and Imperial Tire Shops
  • Under Car Care - Benkelman Service Station
  • Propane Tank Exchange
  • Automatic and Wand Car Wash Bays